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    FREE "Love Thyself" 5 Day Mini Course
    This is a 5-Day mini-course that focuses on the importance of self-love after your relationship

    In this 5 Day course, you will receive:

    • A worksheet for each day that includes a daily affirmation, journal prompt and action step.
    • 5 ways on what is required to love yourself deeply
    • 7 videos: A welcome video, wrap-up video, and a video for 5 days.

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    Book: Divorce Your Story ~ "A Woman's Guide to Heal & Thrive After Divorce"$21.99

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    • 1xBook: Divorce Your Story ~ "A Woman's Guide to Heal & Thrive After Divorce"$21.99
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    The book is very direct and straight to the heart of the complex struggles that are faced after a divorce. As a male the author still shares so many points that are beneficial as well to those as it applies simple principles. It provides simple steps or guidance to keep yourself back in line with being the best you can be. The author is very genuine and her passion is shown through her words. A great read for all adults!!

    Morris H
    Amazon Review

    Wow! The book is simply amazing and empowHERing!!! 

    "Divorce Your Story" has been one of the smallest, yet biggest investments that I could have made in my life. In this amazing and easy-to-read book, you are given the tools that you need to move forward to become better and not bitter. The author's story and her experiences have helped me to reach within myself and discover that I do matter and at the end of the day, MY Healing is MY Responsibility!! One of the biggest takeaways from the book is knowing that you can and you will survive and thrive after a breakup or divorce!

    Tarsha Williams 
    Amazon Review

    This is book is a must have for divorce recovery! The feelings of pain, loss and betrayal are real. Tonya teaches you how to divorce yourself from them and move on. You have to do the inner work, to move on to your future. This is not about bashing your ex, it's about healing from the experience to be a better YOU! Find your worth and invest in it!

    Joy Dozier
    Amazon Review